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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

X100s first thoughts

X100s first thoughts

I was so excited to get my X100s this week, being a huge fan of the X100. Traditionally I'm a Canon DSLR user with a number of great lens. After learning to use the DSLR properly and start generating some very reasonable results, I always wanted something smaller and lighter to carry around. The DLSR, whilst a great camera, does attract a great deal of attention and many people either shy away or ham it up too much for my liking. Maybe I'm too obvious with the DSLR, but then again I'm no professional.

The X100s is unbelievably easy to use coming from the X100, but if you haven't used an "X" series camera before it is not that hard to use, especially with the new "Q" menu and simple menu. The only thing I haven't played with yet are the custom settings, but I'm sure I will once I work out what I want to use them for. The upgrades from the X100 are fabulous and really noticeable.

Best upgrades for me:
  • The auto focus is actually really fast. Now I'm not a scientific tester but its as fast as my DSLR or Canon S95. You can choose either a fixed frame to focus on or it will detect the focusing for you. I haven't read the manual yet so I don't pretend to understand the details.
  • The low light performance is a great step up from the X100.
  • The "Q" menu is really, really handy and very easy to use.
  • The "Fn" button is very customisable - I'm still using it for the ND filter, but I'm sure that will change as I learn more about the camera.
  • The hood and adaptor still fits - phew, thanks Fuji.
  • Same battery as the X100 - phew.
  • The EVF is clearer and seems to have solved the lag issue.
  • The manual focus works as you would expect it to, very responsive and very easy to use. I like the peaking tool rather than the split screen, but that's just me.
I'd prefer to leave the scientific analysis to the experts, so I'm not going to do any pixel peeping overviews as such. At the end of the day its how the camera performs for you, and for me this camera is about 80% of what I need.

So lets have a look at some shots. These were all shot as JPEG files and tweaked in Snapseed on the iPad. I haven't played with RAW processing yet:

Portrait in Std colur, f8, 1/160 handheld
Cropped from the shot

Luna Park Sydney

Cropped from shot above
Easter Eggs

Panorama of sports field
Sky over Sydney
Sports field in advanced filter mode

I hope this has provided some help. Regards, David