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Monday, April 29, 2013

iPhone 4 still rocks for street photography

I cannot believe how good the iPhone 4 is for most types of photography, especially just street pics on the go. Besides the fact that it is a computer as well, the convenience is just so cool. But how often do we forget that we don't need expensive camera gear to take great photos. Yep, been there done that! Now I love expensive camera gear, and if I had an eternal budget, I'd be buying Leica's and full frame dslrs like there was no tomorrow. Back to reality. My favourite app on the iPhone 4 is ProCamera, which allows you a huge amount of control from your phone. Set focus and exposure points, timer, histogram etc etc - just check it out on iTunes. Its great. Easy to use too. Here's a few random shot from my whereabouts today. These are straight from the iPhone 4 without any processing using ProCamera. Enjoy.

Graffiti in East Sydney - I like the brick contrast
Same photo as above with Nik software neutral density and sharpening

Table number in Lane Cove - virtually no light

Cafe in Lane Cove - again its dark which you can tell from the camera shutter speed blurring the cafe worker