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Monday, May 27, 2013

Canon 500n with Rollei 35mm film

Inspired by the great forums on Google plus dedicated to film photography, I bought a Canon 500n on eBay for $35, attached a Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens and loaded some Rollei 35mm film recommended by the guy at the camera store. First big mistake - using a cropped sensor lens on a FF body results in ugly vignetting - well maybe its now hip but I didn't intend it that way! Oh well. Next I load iso 100 film which is very difficult to use in low light. Just bought some iso 400 B&W and colour film to try next. These were taken in Sydney's Chinatown. I will persist with film for a while and see what eventuates. its a challenge. Enjoy.

typical dining in Chinatown

sock seller at Fridays markets - cropped to avoid vignetting 

fruit market - check out the distortion and vignetting!!!

who reads papers anymore? apparently not many

piece of history - ugly distortion and vignetting!!!

Friday markets are a must - great food and life everywhere

old school notation by new school

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

X100s drive home in rain

Who says every photo needs to be sharp? For this shoot I shot the whole series whilst stuck in a traffic jam (not driving!!!), set the camera to program mode, with the occasional manual focus for low light issues, and just thought about capturing some great light. Yes even a boring car trip home can be made into an interesting shoot. All shot in jpegs, post processing in Nik Software with Perfectly Clear, most shot in f2, ISO 800 and above. Enjoy. More at dwwphotography.blogspot.com.au 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

X100s captures Sydney morning

Grabbed the x100s this morning with gorilla pod and headed down to High Street wharf North Sydney to capture some sunrise over the water. A little late to get the really early light, but tried some ND filter useage and ISO 100 settings on f8 to see what it would look like. all processed in PSE 10 with Nik Software and Perfectly Clear. Easy and not time consuming. All jpeg files.  Now you know why so many people from the cold northern hemisphere love settling in Australia. Enjoy.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

x100s action in mono & colour and Nik Software

At an athletics meet in Sydney today, I thought I'd see what the x100s could achieve track side. One of my sons was running in the 1500m race and I waited near the starting gun hoping to catch a few shots. I left everything in Program mode and set the drive to 6fps, and focused using the center focal point. I processed the B&W shot in Nik Software on the PC to bring out the structure and contrast, especially in the sky. I've also included a colour version with a slightly different crop, also using Nik Colour Efex Pro. Enjoy.

f6.4, 1/850th, iso 400, processed in Nik SilverEfex

same as above slightly different crop processed in Nik Colour Efex