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Friday, April 26, 2013

How passionate are you about photography?

I met a great guitarist today in Hyde Park named Gavin. I'd walked past him a few times a week on my way to the city, and he is always playing and creating as life strolls by. Well today I decided to talk with him about his playing and technique as I too play the guitar, just not that well. It turns out he used to work in Holland as an engineer, but felt so strongly about his guitar playing that he gave everything up to play and busk on the streets. Now that's passion and commitment. Even though he is an amazing player, all he kept saying is, "I have so much more to learn". And he claims to have only taken up the instrument in the last 6 years. I recorded a short clip with his permission for you all to enjoy below, and to think about what passion is about. Are we all taking our photography to a level like this? I'm not. Funnily enough whilst I was shooting this on my iPhone 4 there was a photographer with a Nikon d800e taking shots, good to see. Enjoy.