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Showing posts with label Sydney. Show all posts

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Yum cha lunchtime in Sydney

Well in the last few years eating in Sydney has turned into theatre with windows and chefs playing the starring roles. Shot with Ricoh GR in B&W mode and processed in Snapseed on iPad. I love the B&W rendering from the Ricoh, it seems to be it default strength, besides its size and quality.

Sydney QVB perspective

It's hard to believe that Sydney almost lost the QVB to developers some time ago, or so the rumour goes. Just look at the architecture. Shot on Ricoh GR and processed in Snapseed on iPad. I balanced the camera on a sign to get a longer exposure and clearer shot. When you use small cameras the improvisation of these props is very useful.

Hyde park barracks with a little HDR in B&W

Hyde park barracks Sydney with a little HDR affect in post processing on Snapseed. Shot with Ricoh GR during full sunlit day. Nice to appreciate the finer buildings of the past and the detail and time they took to create. I think we lost something along the way.

Cafe life in Sydney

Some candid everyday shots of coffee time in Sydney at a very popular cafe, shot with Ricoh GR in B&W mode, processed in Snapseed on iPad. I had the camera perched flat on a bench running on continuous mode using snap focus at about 1.5m from memory.

Alan the busker plays the blues

I met Alan busking near the QVB building in Sydney a few weeks ago having a great time playing some good ole blues. He was a great character, used to be a teacher and does what he loves and gets paid for it. Taken on a Ricoh GR in B&W mode and processed in Snapseed on iPad. I don't mind the tight head crop to let his hands express his personality. 

Art in Hyde Park

Walking around Sydney you never know what you might run into. These amazing mirrored rectangular tubes were lined up everywhere providing some interesting perspectives on Sydney. Taken with Ricoh GR and processed in Snapseed. Love jpegs = less time processing more time taking pictures. :-)

Sydney skies ablaze

The recent bush fires around Sydney have been quite unbelievable. This picture was taken from Lane Cove on Fuji x100s and processed in Snapseed. Hopefully the rest of summer will be a little kinder to us all.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sometimes all it takes is a smile

This wonderful gentleman is often found in Pitt St Sydney with the sole purpose of making people happy. A nice simple and powerful message in a life so hurried and digitally disconnected. Shot on a Leica AF C1 with SPX film. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

x100s Early April morning in Sydney

What a beautiful Tuesday morning in Sydney! Clear skies, sun was out and everyone was feeling refreshed from an Easter long weekend. I took the x100s out with me to capture a few quick shots on the way to the office. All shot JPEG, slight tweak in PSE. Enjoy.

View over Kirribilli, Sydney

View from Kirribilli towards Sydney Harbour

The boat moarings at Kirribilli Sydney

View towards east Sydney from Mrs Macquaries Chair

Sculpture reflecting morning light, Mrs Macquaries Chair