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Friday, May 10, 2013

Canon 60d and 75-300mm IS captures sunset over Broadbeach QLD

I think these speak for themselves. Shot on tripod just as some spectacular light and shade was presenting. Canon 60d and 75-300mm IS. Enjoy.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Olympus TG1 a great waterproof camera

Last Christmas I took the Olympus TG1 on holidays to Broadbeach for the convenience of taking some in and underwater shots. I usually take the Canon S95 down to the beach and try as best a possible to avoid sand and water, but you also miss many shots being so careful. Not with the TG1, it just goes where you go and is one tough camera. The quality of the images is fair, and probably on par with the Canon S95. If anything they are a little flatter than the Canon, but yell, I can take this in the ocean and the pool! Enjoy.

Cooper & Oliver make sandcastles

Cooper aqua

Oliver aqua

Monday, April 1, 2013

x100 NYE Broadbeach Qld 2012

Well I know everyone is talking about the x100s at the moment, but these pictures were taken straight from the camera JPEG using bulb setting on a tripod on New Years Eve 2012. The beach fireworks are something to behold and certainly worth seeing of you ever have the opportunity. I even managed a nice long exposure of the surf during the full moon. Just goes to show how good the x100 still is and can be when used correctly. These JPEGS were taken directly from the camera without any editing. Enjoy.

Broadbeach fireworks NYE 2012

Broadbeach fireworks NYE 2012

Surfers Paradise NYE 2012

Surfer Paradise NYE 2012

Surfers Paradise NYE 2012 - a quiet moment of reflection