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Thursday, April 25, 2013

x100s turning day into night with flash

Yes the x100s syncs to 1/4000th of a second. Why? Well unless you are shooting extremely fast kids on a regular basis with a flash gun, you can use this feature to turn day into night to get some very interesting affects. This is a simple demonstration using a small child's bike, but the shots you can get from portraits is stunning. Maybe I'll do a post on this soon. So what gear am I using beside the x100s? to trigger the flash I'm using a Wein Sync-Link Flash Trigger that is easily mountable on the hot shoe  and takes 2 AA batteries with a simple on/off switch. This sends a IR pulse to the slave flash of your choice - not sure if its TTL. The flash I chose is the Yongnuo YN 460-II as its acts as a slave and its very inexpensive. I'm very happy with this flash and actually find it better than my Canon equivalent because its easily switched in slave mode - I use S1 mode. Switch the x100s flash into C mode and the Wein will fire the flash - and sync up to 1/4000th of a second. Importantly turn on your ND filter - it acts to darken the scene and trick the camera to get the night affect. Yeah! Enjoy.

x100s with Wein Sync Link and Yongnuo flash
Wein Sync Link - uses IR pulse to fire external flash in salve mode
Yongnuo YN 460-II flash in S1 slave mode
Reference shot in full sun Program mode

Shutter priority f2 iso 320 nd filter 1/4000th

Manual f2 iso 500 nd filter 1/4000th

manual f2 iso 800 nd filter 1/4000th

Manual f4 iso 800 nd filter 1/4000th

Manual f4 iso 1000 nd filter 1/4000th

Saturday, April 6, 2013

x100 Rocks for Night Photography

Another post on the great x100 (not s). Every year near Christmas St Marys Cathedral in Sydney puts on an amazing light show that is also sponsored by the City of Sydney Council. These picture were taken handheld with everything in 'A' and the results were amazing. Enjoy.

X100 Rocks for Portraits

I dug out these few shot taken with the x100 and processes using Nik Silver Efex. This camera stills rocks, and is a great portrait camera despite its 23mm lens (effective 35mm). Enjoy


Bob again


Monday, April 1, 2013

x100s walk in the bush and candid portraits

I went for a walk this afternoon and decided to take a bush walk at the back of Lane Cove Sydney. Took the x100s just in case, and I'm glad Im glad I did. Besides taking a few vistas, I decided to play with the internal flash, whist engaging the ND filter and manually setting the shutter speed - aperture set to A. Before the walk I took some nice casual shots of the kids. Remember these are all JPEG files edited in PSE, opening the JPEGs in the RAW editor and doing minor tweaking. Enjoy.

Cooper watching his brother play Mindcraft

Oliver playing Mindcraft

In a Mindcraft trance
The nature walk

Bottlebrush captured on 1/160 sec, ND, Aperture A, manual focus, internal flash

Another shot 1/160 sec, auto A, ND, internal flash

Another shot 1/160 sec, auto A, ND, internal flash

Broken wood

Broken wood

Check the cropped picture below

Bug on bug! Wow this was shot with ND filter, 1/160 sec, auto A, just lucky timing, they were gone a second later

x100 NYE Broadbeach Qld 2012

Well I know everyone is talking about the x100s at the moment, but these pictures were taken straight from the camera JPEG using bulb setting on a tripod on New Years Eve 2012. The beach fireworks are something to behold and certainly worth seeing of you ever have the opportunity. I even managed a nice long exposure of the surf during the full moon. Just goes to show how good the x100 still is and can be when used correctly. These JPEGS were taken directly from the camera without any editing. Enjoy.

Broadbeach fireworks NYE 2012

Broadbeach fireworks NYE 2012

Surfers Paradise NYE 2012

Surfer Paradise NYE 2012

Surfers Paradise NYE 2012 - a quiet moment of reflection

Friday, March 29, 2013

X100s updated pictures

Well the more I use this camera the better it seems. I'm leaving all the settings to default, except I use Auto ISO set to 1/100 sec and ISO max 6400 as I'm often shooting with a flash. Enjoy the shots. all were shot as JPEG and quickly rendered in PSE.

Looking down at sparkling mineral water

Details from picture below

Full size shot from crop shot above

Oliver PS3

Oliver cake

Grandparent daycare